SQ788: Demanded by the Citizens


On June 26th, 2018, the people of Oklahoma will take to the polls for a historic vote on SQ788, legalized medical marijuana. What many do not realize about SQ788, is this is not the brainchild of any specific politician currently in office, nor an idea brought to the forefront of the Oklahoma legislation for the cause of raising funds in the state, this is far bigger. SQ788 is the will of the citizens of Oklahoma. State Question 788 was put on the ballot through a successful initiative petition effort. Proponents needed to collect 65,987 valid signatures within 90 days of their petition being cleared for circulation. Once the signatures were validated, SQ788 should have been voted on in 2016; however, due to a bill rewrite, SQ788 was pushed back. This had to be resolved in the Oklahoma Supreme court and was ruled in favor of Oklahomans for Health, an advocacy group supporting SQ788.

The citizens of Oklahoma spoke once to put SQ788 on the ballot for a vote of the people, now, on June 26th, 2018, the people have a voice once again.

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Industrial hemp is coming to Oklahoma

Combine Harvesting HempIndustrial hemp pilot program HB 2913 has unanimously passed the Oklahoma House with a 92-0 vote on March 5th 2018. Click here to view HB 2913. The bill then moved on to the Senate floor as SB1185 and passed easily with a 41-1 vote bringing the Industrial Hemp Industry one step closer for Oklahoma agriculture experts . Click here to view SB1185

This program expands Oklahoma’s agricultural options and creates the Oklahoma Industrial Hemp Agricultural Pilot Program. Industrial hemp could become a source of steady revenue for Oklahoma and would benefit Oklahoma farmers in a big way.

Under the Agricultural Act of 2014, the Federal government enabled States to begin experimenting with growing hemp as a cash crop. The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry will manage the program, which allows universities or farmers contracting with universities to cultivate certified hemp seed for research and development for industrial uses.

“This bill’s passage is a fantastic example of the bipartisanship that can occur inside the Capitol,” said Echols, R-Oklahoma City. “When lawmakers on both sides of the aisle brainstorm creative ways of increasing revenue and expanding our economic resources, Oklahomans reap the rewards.

Oklahomans will have an opportunity to learn more about Industrial Hemp at The 2018 Mid-America Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo, June 1st & 2nd at The Bennet Event Center in OKC. For tickets to this event Click Here.


Hempologist John Dvorak to speak at The 2018 Mid-America Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo


JohnDvorak tix

The 2018 Mid-American Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo welcomes Hempologist John Dvorak to Oklahoma City. John Dvorak has studied cannabis, hemp and its prohibition for more than 25 years. He’s brought his unique style of anti-prohibition activism to radio & television programs, student groups, medical marijuana conferences, trade shows, hemp festivals and legalization rallies.

John Dvorak created the Cannabis Curriculum to encourage research into the beneficial aspects of industrial hemp and medicinal cannabis and the devastating effects that marijuana prohibition has on society. His Traveling Hemp Museum includes raw materials, artifacts and finished products made from hemp. His website, Hempology.Org, contains many articles and images that highlight hemp’s rich history and he has created a public repository of Hemp History Source Documents.

Mr. Dvorak created 3 lectures for Oregon State University’s online Industrial Hemp course and is a long time member and former Board member of both the Hemp Industries Association and Mass Cann/NORML. Mr. Dvorak has written articles for The Journal of the International Hemp Association, Hemp Magazine, Hemp Times, Hempworld, Hemphasis, The Hemp Commerce and Farming Report, Hemp Lifestyle Magazine, The Boston Phoenix, 1000 Watts Magazine, Ladybud Magazine, Wicked Good Fahmah and Dig Boston.