Hempologist John Dvorak to speak at The 2018 Mid-America Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo


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The 2018 Mid-American Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo welcomes Hempologist John Dvorak to Oklahoma City. John Dvorak has studied cannabis, hemp and it’s prohibition for more than 25 years. He’s brought his unique style of anti-prohibition activism to radio & television programs, student groups, medical marijuana conferences, trade shows, hemp festivals and legalization rallies.

John Dvorak created the Cannabis Curriculum to urge research into the beneficial aspects of industrial hemp and medicinal cannabis and the devastating effects that marijuana prohibition has on society. His Traveling Hemp Museum includes raw materials, artifacts and finished products made from hemp. His website, Hempology.Org, has many articles and images that highlight hemp’s rich history and he has created a public repository of Hemp History Source Documents.

Mr. Dvorak created 3 lectures for Oregon State University’s online Industrial Hemp course and is a long time member and former Board member of both the Hemp Industries Association and Mass Cann/NORML. Mr. Dvorak has written articles for The Journal of the International Hemp Association, Hemp Magazine, Hemp Times, Hempworld, Hemphasis, The Hemp Commerce and Farming Report, Hemp Lifestyle Magazine, The Boston Phoenix, 1000 Watts Magazine, Ladybud Magazine, Wicked Good Fahmah and Dig Boston.

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