Michael Browning brings the Plant A Seed for Cannabis Education tour to Oklahoma City

The 2018 Mid-America Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo welcomes Michael Browning as a guest speaker June, 1st & 2nd in Oklahoma City. As a grower and consumer Michael Edward Browning has been on both sides of the cannabis industry counter for over 40 years. As a music journalist in the 1990s, he witnessed how “stepping into the circle” brought down barriers when conducting interviews with some fairly famous radio voices. As a publisher, he has brought his attention to cannabis education for the past four years.

As editor and art director at Kurple Magazine, a premier medical cannabis publication out of New Mexico. After successfully launching a cannabis focused film track at Longmont’s 4th Annual Front Range Film Fest, he founded Cinebis Film Institute with The Conference for Cannabis Fitness + Cinebis Film Festival at the base of Pike’s Peak just after the outdoor harvest in 2016. Ph.D. candidate Regina Nelson was a featured speaker at that event and it was from that medicating AND recreating-friendly festival that Integral Education Press and the Plant A Seed for Cannabis Education tour sprouted.
Covering North America once already in 2017, the Plant A Seed for Cannabis Education tour spans the world this year certifying Cannacians, screening enlightening films and expressing on the endocannabinoid system, perhaps our primary endocrine system. If it turns out that this is the mechanism that directs all cellular communication, we simply believe people deserve to know that #EveryHumanHasOne. July 11th at Berlin’s Hanf Museum, Integral Education Press will celebrate the release of our third title, The Survivor’s Guide to Medical Cannabis. Michael and Dr. Regina Nelson are co-authors of Time For The Talk: Talking to your Doctor Or Patient About Medical Cannabis. Are you ready to talk about it?

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